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Reservation and Members benefits

Please tell me how to make a reservation from the official website.
You can select a plan by entering the hotel name, check-in-check-out date, and number of guests from the reservation search screen on the official website.
What is "Keio Presso Inn MEMBERS"?
This is a membership program that can be used at all Keio Presso Inn hotels, which started on October 14, 2021.
In addition to checking the reservation status on our official website in a list, there are member benefits such as reservations at member prices and point services.
Can I make a reservation without registering as a member?
You can make a reservation at the regular price without registering as a member.
If you register as a member, you will get a 5% discount on the accommodation fee, you will be given points that you can use next time, and you can check the past accommodation history in a list.
Please tell me how to join "Keio Presso Inn MEMBERS".
You can join from the official website. We do not accept membership at the front desk of the hotel.
After entering the member information, press the member registration button, and a member authentication email will be sent to the email address you entered. Click the URL in the email to complete the main registration.
I registered as a member, but I haven't received the member verification email.
If you do not receive the email, please check the following.
(1) Please check again if the registered e-mail address is correct.
(2) If you have set the domain specified reception as a measure against junk mail, the member secretariat contact information
 Please set the reception permission for "".
(3) Check if it is automatically sorted to the junk mail folder.
I made a mistake in my password and it was locked.
If you enter the wrong password 6 times in total, it will be locked, but it will be unlocked after 1 hour, so please wait momentary.
If you have forgotten your password, please reset it from the password reset menu.
Is there an admission fee / annual membership fee?
No, you can use the membership fee and annual membership fee free of charge.
Is it possible to check or change member information?
You can check / change from "Account"-"My Account" on the member information screen.
Is there an expiration date for membership?
No, there is no expiration date.
Can I make reservations for multiple rooms at once?
You can make a reservation for upper limit 8 rooms with one reservation.
Is it possible to withdraw from membership?
If you wish to withdraw from the membership, you can withdraw from the membership on the "Account"-"My Account" screen, so please apply for withdrawal by yourself. In that case, all member benefits will be invalidated and reservation information will not be displayed. note that.

Reservation cancel and change

What should I do if I want to cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation by clicking the "Cancel your booking" button on the "Account"-"Reservation List" screen or the reservation confirmation email.
In addition, please note that a prescribed cancellation fee may be incurred.
If I cancel my reservation and try again, can I make a reservation at the same rate as the reservation before the cancellation?
No, if you cancel your reservation and try again, the room rate will be applied when you make your reservation again. Please be careful when changing the reservation you applied for with the early discount plan.
Is it possible to increase the number of nights I have already booked and the number of reservations (number of rooms)?
No, it is not possible to increase the number of nights stayed (increased nights) or the number of reserved rooms (increased rooms) for reservations that have already been reserved.
If you want to add the number of nights or reservations, please add a new reservation.
Is it possible to reduce the number of nights I have already booked and the number of reservations (number of rooms)?
Yes, you can reduce the number of nights you stay (reduce the number of nights) or cancel some of the reserved rooms (reduce the number of rooms) from the customer screen until the day of check-in.
However, please note that we cannot change the number of people in the same room (example: 1 room for 3 people → 1 room for 2 people), or reduce the number of nights in only one of the multiple rooms.
I canceled a reservation that was prepaid with a credit card. When will I get a refund?
The refund period differs depending on the card company, so please check with the card company yourself.

Switching from the old reservation system

I used to register as a member, but can't that information be carried over?
For those who have registered as a member by October 3, 2021, if you register the e-mail address that was registered so far for "Reset Password" on the official website, you will be a member in the past. You can use the new reservation system by taking over the registered information. Please have your registered e-mail address ready and reset your password.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you registered after October 4, please register as a new member.
Is it possible to get points for reservations made with the old reservation system using the new reservation system?
No, points cannot be added if you make a reservation using the old reservation system.

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What are the points?
It is a service of "Keio Presso Inn MEMBERS".
If you make a reservation from our official website after registering as a member, points for 3% of the accommodation fee (tax excluded) will be automatically given and you can use it for the next and subsequent reservations. If you use points, you will be given 3% of the discounted tax-excluded amount.
Please note that the room rate displayed on the reservation screen includes tax.
How are points awarded?
It will be granted only to customers who have registered as a member from the official website and made a reservation via the official website. Points will not be awarded for reservations made from other sites / travel agencies, direct phone calls, emails, or requests made at the front desk. In addition, since it is given only to the "reservation person", points cannot be given to the guest if the reservation person and the guest are different. Points will be awarded 3 days after check-out.
Can I transfer points?
Points cannot be transferred.
Can I use points and other discount coupons together?
No. Cannot be used in combination with other discount coupons or complimentary coupons issued by the Company.
However, the "coupon code" that can be used when making a reservation on the official website can be used in combination with points.
Is it possible to have the points of multiple accounts added up?
No, you can't. As a general rule, one account can be used per person.
Please tell me how to use and confirm points.
It can be used only by making a reservation from the official website. Points can be used from 100 points in 100-point increments
Points cannot be used at check-in, etc., except when making a reservation from the official website.
You can enter the number of points used on the customer information input screen after logging in.
You can make a reservation without logging in, but you cannot give or use points.
In addition, you can check the points you have on the "Account"-"Points" screen after logging in to the member screen.
Will points be awarded for day trip plans (day use)?
Yes, points will be awarded if you make a reservation from the official website.
Will points be awarded even for plans with airline tickets?
No, points will not be awarded for plans with tickets.
What happens to the points I was planning to use if I cancel my reservation?
If you cancel your reservation, the points you plan to use will be returned immediately.
I have to cancel the day before check-in and pay the cancellation fee. Will points be given to the cancellation fee?
No, please note that points cannot be awarded for cancellation fees.
I have to cancel my point reservation on the day of check-in and pay the cancellation fee. Can points be applied to the cancellation fee?
No, the points will not be applied to the cancellation fee and will be refunded in full. In accordance with the cancellation policy, we will charge the accommodation fee (tax included) before the points are used.
If I accidentally withdraw from the membership, can I get the points reissued?
No, you can't. If you withdraw from the membership, all points and membership benefits you have earned will expire.
When is the point valid? Is it possible to extend it?
It will be 2 years from the check-out date of the accommodation for which points are awarded. Since the expiration date is set for each reservation, you can check the expiration date for each point on the "Account"-"My Account" screen. It cannot be extended.

Payment and Receipts

Is it possible to pay the fee at the time of booking?
Yes. When making a reservation from the official website, you can pay in advance by selecting "On line payment by credit card" and entering your credit card information.
I would like to make a card payment on the official website. Can I always get a receipt? Is it possible to specify the address?
Anyone can issue it after midnight the day after the check-out date from the link in the reservation confirmation email.
Customers who have registered as a member can also issue it on the "Account"-"My Reservation"-"View Details" screen after midnight the day after the check-out date. If you need to change the address, you can change it here.
Can receipts for card payments be issued by room or day?
No. It will be issued together with the total amount.
I lost my card payment receipt. Can I reissue it at the hotel?
No. Please reissue on the "Account"-"My Reservation"-"View Details" screen.
I made a card payment, can I change the receipt address?
You can change it. Please enter the address when downloading on the screen after midnight the day after the check-out date.
I would like to change the format of the receipt output by card payment.
We're sorry, but you can't change the receipt for card payments.
If I use points, will it be stated on the receipt?
No, the receipt cannot describe the amount of points used. The amount paid by the customer will be displayed on the receipt, excluding points.

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Can I send a baggage by courier service to the hotel and collect it at check-in?
Yes, you can send your baggage to us and we will keep it at the Front Desk. You will receive it when you check-in. Please enter the name of the person who is staying at our hotel and the date of check-in in the shipping slip.
Please check the address of the hotel in our online brochure.
Please note that collect luggage and COD baggage are not accepted.
Can I request an early check-in?
You can check in from 3:00 p.m. when we will have prepared your room. If you arrive earlier, our Front Desk can keep your luggage. After you check out, the Front Desk can look after your luggage on that day.
Do room amenities include a toothbrush?
Yes, a toothbrush is included in your room amenities. For bathroom amenities such as razor, hairbrush, cotton buds, please see the「Room&Facility」page for each hotel.
Can two people stay in a single room?
Single rooms may only be used by one person. There are no offers at an additional charge for a single room with two people.
Can I stay with small children?
One adult can share a bed with one child up to 9 years old free of charge.
We also offer the free breakfast service for a child sharing a bed.
Can I stay at your hotel for a few ours (Day Use)?
Rooms are not available for just a few hours.
Do you accept credit cards?
The following credit cards are available.
Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, Diners, Keio Passport, UnionPay
What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation after booking will be charged as follows:

● General guest (up to 14 persons)
No-show: 100% of room rate
Date of arrival: 100% of room rate
One day prior to the date of arrival: 50% of room rate

● Group (15 people or more)
No-show: 100% of room rate
Date of arrival: 100% of room rate
One day prior to the date of arrival: 80% of room rate
Seven days prior to the date of arrival: 20% of room rate

Do you have a parking lot for guests' cars?
There is no parking at the hotel.
The hotels are very convenient for public transport.

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Stay / Guest Rooms and Services

Can I stay in the same room if I stay two nights?
2You will stay in the same room for two nights unless you choose a different room type (single room, double room, smoking or non-smoking) for each night when making the reservation. Our housekeeper will visit your room during the day. You can leave your luggage in your room.
Are there convenience stores nearby?
In fact, Keio Presso Inn Shinjuku, Keio Presso Inn Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Keio Presso Inn Ikebukuro, and Keio Presso Inn Hamamatsucho have a convenience store located on the first floor of the same building. For other hotels, there is a convenience store within a five-minute walk.
Do hotel guests have a curfew?
No, there is no curfew. However, the entrance door will be locked at night between 24:00 and 6:00 for security. You can unlock the entrance door by scanning your room key in the card reader. Please take your room key when you go out.
Can I have a meeting in my room with a visitor?
Please have your meetings with visitors in the lobby.
Thank you for your understanding.
What kind of amenities are available at the Front Desk?
Blanket, Pillows (Soft type), Nail clippers , Thermometer, Trouser press (on each floor), Laptop (limited number at 1,000 yen/night)
For more information, please visit the 「Our Services」 page.
Is the internet available in the guest room?
A high-speed internet connection (LAN, 100 Mbps) is available free of charge in all guest rooms. An Ethernet cable is provided in all guest rooms. In addition, you can access Wi-Fi free of charge. We also have a mobile terminal with free Internet connection in the lounge.
Can I send our luggage via courier?
Please ask that the Front Desk. Please fill out the shipping slip stored in the desk in the guest room or get it at the Front Desk. A shipping carton is available at the Front Desk
Do you have a trouser press?
Yes, a trouser press is located in the elevator hall on each floor. Please feel free to take it to your room.
Do you have a dry cleaning service?
Please ask at the Front Desk. Please bring the clothes to be dry cleaned to the Front Desk.
However, the reception hours, fees, holidays will vary depending on the hotel. Please contact the Front Desk at your hotel for more information. We also have a self-service laundry facility.
Can I get a body massage in my room?
We do not provide a massage service. Thank you for your understanding.
Does the guest room have an air purifier?
All guest rooms have an air purifier with a humidifying function.
What kind of channels can I see on the TV in the guest room?
You can watch digital terrestrial broadcasts and BS digital broadcasts* Some channels are not available for viewing. You can also view movies on the TV in your room.
Pay-per-view channels are available from when you start watching until 10 a.m. on the following day at 1,000 yen (tax included).
Can I make a phone call outside the hotel from the room phone?
No, we do not provide an external connection, but you can use a public phone in the lobby to make a phone call. We will transfer an incoming call for you to your room.

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Does the hotel offer breakfast?
Yes, we offer a complimentary breakfast.
Breakfast is served in the breakfast area or the cafe lounge. Please enjoy freshly made breads, salad, coffee, tea, juice from 6:30 to 9:30 every morning.
*The breakfast menu and time varies depending on the hotel.
Can I depart early in the morning?
The payment is made when you check-in, so, there is no payment procedure at your checkout. Please return your room key to the collection box for an early departure.
Can I leave my luggage after check-out?
Yes, the Front Desk can look after your luggage on that day.
Please ask at the Front Desk.

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